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Electromyostimulation is a whole-body training method that combines the electric activation of muscle fibres with simple and targeted body weight exercises. Using medically certified equipment, it is carried out under the guidance and instruction of a trained supervisor with a clearly defined focus on prevention and therapy.


Dual Approach: Active & Passive

Electromyostimulation training (EMS-Training) combines passive muscle stimulation through electric impulses with an active element of straightforward bodyweight exercises. This targeted approach can be easily tailored to meet individual goals, creating a compelling and highly effective training program. It is especially attractive for middle aged and senior individuals who are looking to prioritise their health, strengthen their bodies and stay active in day-to-day life - even far into their golden years.


Joint-friendly Training

Due to the absence of additional weights, an EMS session is wonderfully easy on the joints. Especially compared to the required intensities that are needed to strengthen muscles with conventional resistance exercises.


Individual Care & Safety

The close supervision in a 1:1 or 1:2 setting provides an extra dose of motivation for exercisers. It also builds a safe and effective framework for a tailored personal training that aligns the user's specific goals with their individual physical condition.


Time Efficient: Only 20 Minutes per Week

With just one 20-minute session per week, electromyostimulation can be seamlessly integrated into any health-, fitness- or wellness-oriented business. This makes it possible for users, even those strapped for time, to establish and maintain a consistent exercise routine.


Overcome Hurdles

The gentle impact on the joints coupled with the significant assistance from the impulses makes electromyostimulation an optimal choice for individuals who are grappling with motivation, find themselves less active due to advanced age, or facing health barriers that render conventional exercise and treatment methods overly challenging.


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Numerous different operators already offer whole-body EMS-Training to their clients:


Physical therapists,
doctors & chiropractors


Offer efficient and effecitve therapy with personal care.

Specialised boutique studios, health clubs & personal trainers

Focus on prevention, a strong back, and improving body composition.

Retirement homes &
assisted living facilities

Promote overall health, wellbeing, quality of life and staying active.

Strengthen Muscles Using Electricity

The electrodes are woven into a fabric vest-belt-system. These are worn over a special functional garment. The emitted electrical pulses are low-frequency, triggering a brief muscle contraction. With repeated delivery of these electrical impulses, they cause extensive activation in the corresponding muscle fibres.

Impulses for Prevention and Therapy

Electromyostimulation is utilised for both the prevention and relief of various health conditions:

Non-Specific Back Pain

Back Pain

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Age-Related Muscle Loss & Sarcopenia

Age-Related Muscle Loss & Sarcopenia

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Using high-intensity stimuli, EMS-Training activates and strengthens all major muscle groups throughout the body - and it does so with minimal time commitment and less need for voluntary effort.

The correct use of whole-body electromyostimulation (EMS-Training) is manifested in safety guidelines. These internationally recognised guidelines serve as orientation for national specifications that regulate the safe use of the technology.

In 2016, German experts in science and education developed guidelines to ensure the safe use of EMS technology. Fast forward to 2023, an international team of leading researchers has built upon these principles and updated the guidelines, making whole-body EMS-Training more efficient and safer than ever across the globe.

A collaboration of 23 researchers from five countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and the United States, joined forces for this project. Renowned institutions such as the Mayo Clinic, which consistently ranks among the world's top 10 healthcare providers, also contributed to this initiative.

According to the researchers, supervision is the key factor in ensuring safety alongside appropriate intensity levels. EMS-Training demands the constant attention and engagement of a specially trained instructor or therapist, with a maximum supervision ratio of 1:2. Unsupervised use, such as in private settings or group trainings, should be strictly avoided.

These international guidelines serve as orientation for national specifications (e.g. DIN 33961-5 in Germany) and support the call for a ban on private EMS training use, which was first proposed in Germany*. This collaborative effort aims to promote safer EMS-Training practices worldwide.


*Applications of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) in humans for non-medical purposes  - Recommendation by the German Commission on Radiological Protection with scientific background - Adopted by circulation on 12 August 2019 - BAnz AT 04.03.2020 B6

International Guideline for Safe and Effective EMS-Training

A position statement on the need for common sense in EMS applications - published in Frontiers in Physiology on March 22nd, 2023.

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