The World's Leading Premium Manufacturer for Whole-Body EMS Equipment

We specialise in the development of medical products for prevention and therapy using Electromyostimulation. Our expertise lies in transforming traditional electric muscle stimulation into a comprehensive whole-body application. This results in an innovative concept which we have pioneered - Whole-Body EMS. It seamlessly integrates the established passive component of electrotherapy with an active exercise approach with personal care. Our medical products are manufactured in Germany and distributed worldwide for applications in healthcare, personal training and health-oriented fitness.

For Mobility and Health into High Age

Our products offer the health sector a comprehensive treatment and prevention solution that rises to the health challenges of an aging population and increasingly sedentary lifestyles. In close cooperation with science and research and our customer base, we continue to further improve the therapeutic and preventive use of Whole-Body EMS technology.

Together with our partners,
we want to set new impulses
and rethink health.


Over 17 years of experience -
Proven globally in practical application


Certified for medical use
since 2012


Global partnerships
in over 40 countries

Highest Quality 
for Medical Applications

We develop our medical EMS devices in Germany - according to strict specifications to ensure high and sustainable quality. From Germany, we now supply many European countries as well as the rest of the world. Through our own subsidiaries in the UK and the USA and a tightly knit network of distributors in over 40 countries, we aim to establish and maintain a close, respectful eye-to-eye relationship with our customers.

We Are miha bodytec - Our Journey


miha bodytec's foundation and introduction of our first Whole-Body EMS system.


First WB-EMS device as certified medical product: miha bodytec medical.


Introduction of an innovative hygiene concept featuring our certified antibacterial training apparel and electrode system.


miha bodytec launches LogX – a cloud software suite for client management.


Commitment to the Safety-First guidelines for the safe application of EMS technology.


Introduction and patent registration for the new i-body® Electrode System.


FDA clearance for miha bodytec II device in the USA.

Foundation of our subsidiary miha bodytec Inc., located in Chicago, to bring Whole-Body EMS to a new market.

Start of our research cooperation with the Mayo Clinic, Rochester (USA).


New solutions make applications more flexible: Our innovative travel station and workstation miha bodytec m.ove.

Strong in Science and Research

For more than 17 years, we have been committed to researching the effectiveness and safety of Whole-Body EMS. We work closely with leading experts from sports, physics and medical institutes. With our products, concepts and training courses, we continuously implement the latest scientific findings in a customer-oriented and practical manner.

We Create Impulses

Prevention and Therapy

As a market-leading manufacturer of EMS devices, safe application and positive reception of the technology is particularly close to our hearts!

Based on our experience, we are able to make EMS technology available for safe, effective use in practice and develop it further every single day. With an innovative approach that stands for efficiency, safety and effectiveness, our commitment serves to help maintain the health of a future-oriented society.

Respectful Cooperation

We are aware of our responsibility towards everyone involved in the health sector, but also towards society as a whole. That is why we strive to be - above all - a reliable partner.

We set standards for a safe, effective new training method and lay the scientific foundation for its adaptation in the health and fitness sectors. We always help our customers find their way and provide them with clear and actionable recommendations.

A Healthy Future

Together with experts from the fields of science and research as well as leading training institutes and innovative thinkers, we have created a contemporary and sustainable concept for the health sector.

We do our part to meet the health challenges of an ageing society and increasingly sedentary lifestyles. We continue to pursue a strong preventive approach that is available to all age groups and provides a significant benefit across many different health-oriented use cases. 

Find out more about our history and what moves us - our values, our 
vision, our mission.

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