miha bodytec LogX

A fairly significant part of the work in an EMS studio is the administration of client data, training appointments and contribution payments, and takes place not in the training area but in the office. Optimising operational structures therefore requires software solutions that optimally meet the specific needs of EMS providers. 


The miha bodytec LogX portal literally connects the client, the EMS devices and the studio. Using intuitive online tools, the miha bodytec devices can be coordinated and studio processes perfectly organised – whether using a browser, smartphone or tablet, anywhere and at any time. All that is needed is an Internet connection.


Central data acquisition by miha bodytec LogX offers advantages over the use of separate scheduling and studio management software solutions: all customer information is centrally available and updated in every area of the company system.By connecting the miha bodytec II devices, the client information is supplemented with performance and training data in real time.